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Christopher Horstkamp

Lugano, Switzerland

"I met Jim a few years ago and he’s really pushed me to create a better image for myself. He’s helped me find a better look for my public profile- a pivotal aspect for me as an amateur model and musician. Jim has a unique way about him; he can capture the soul of a social gathering. I know him as an artist and as a friend and respect him as both."


Susanne + Claudio

Croglio, Switzerland

"We'd like to thank Jim and his assistant for the splendid service they did for us. The citate of our friends that could not join our wedding says it all in one sentence: "The magnificent pictures make us feeling like being present at, they are great."

Jim has an empathy and feeling for photography and for people what creates living moments instead of posed frozen pictures. He participated and understood our individual wishes  and did not simply make "a good job" and he has a real talented eye for people and situations. All this make his pictures giving us a real value of experience all these emotions one more time."


Olesea Bazatin

Lugano, Switzerland

"Jim likes to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are."

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 14.59.52.png

Eddie KN Lee

Winnipeg, Canada

"I've known Jim for many years.  Jim has the talent and passion for photography, he always prepare to capture the perfect moment of his surroundings. I was lucky to have Jim to be my family portrait photographer.  The result was so impressed and amazing. I was so pleased with the photos, and now these portraits become an important parts of my memories. I have no hesitation to recommend Jim to all my freinds. You will love it.  Thank you Jim."

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Maria-José Horstkamp

Lugano, Switzerland

"I arrange logistics for social events- always in different locations at different times of day. About six months ago I asked Jim for his services. From portraiture and candid shots to video montages, Jim’s masterful work has been lauded and appreciated by all for both its quality and creativity. He’s the first person I call to make sure the job is done right."

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Rachel WM Tsang

Hong Kong

"I enjoy to be photographer myself especially during vacations, and friends used to admire my travel pictures with “prosumer-photographer” quality. I have known Jim for decades and he turned to be my photographer during my stay in Rome in 2013. All of my friends have been questioning who’s my professional photographer and really jealous me for having such a stunning portrait collection. Pictures speak for itself."

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